Explore Unique Attractions in Hokkaido, Japan

Hokkaido Japan
Hokkaido Japan

The island of Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost region and a treasure trove of breathtaking landscapes, cultural wonders, and culinary marvels. For seasoned travelers and first-timers alike, Hokkaido tourism offers a chance to witness a side of Japan known for its serene beauty and adventurous activities.

As you embark on your Hokkaido travel, prepare to be swept away by the diverse Hokkaido attractions and the unforgettable things to do in Hokkaido. Here, every moment is an opportunity to create stories that last a lifetime.



Whether you’re captivated by Hokkaido sightseeing or eager to delve into the island’s vibrant culture,Explore Unique Attractions in Hokkaido, Japan Articles there’s something for everyone. From the snow-draped vistas of winter to the lush landscapes of summer, Hokkaido Japan invites you to experience the allure of each season. Join us as we uncover the unique and hidden gems of Hokkaido’s cities like Tokachi, Furano, Otaru, and Sapporo, and discover the infinite possibilities that await you in this extraordinary corner of the world.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the cultural and natural splendor of Hokkaido’s diverse regions.
  • Experience the beauty of Hokkaido across seasons, from snow-covered peaks to blooming flower fields.
  • Indulge in the food paradise of Hokkaido with unforgettable culinary adventures.
  • Explore Hokkaido’s renowned ski resorts and embrace the thrill of winter sports.
  • Embrace sustainable tourism through visits to local farms and participating in eco-friendly activities.
  • Get lost in the history and heritage of Hokkaido’s iconic architecture and landmarks.
  • Witness rare wildlife and captivating landscapes in Hokkaido’s pristine wilderness areas.

Embracing the Charm of Hokkaido’s Seasonal Splendor

As Japan’s northern jewel, Hokkaido reveals its mesmerizing duality through its ever-changing canvas. Whether shrouded in a blanket of winter wonder or blossoming into a summer spectacle, the region is a haven for those drawn to nature’s rhythms and the cultural heartbeat of Japan.

Fresh Seafood and Powdered Snow: Hokkaido’s Winter Wonders

When the mercury drops, the Hokkaido winter emerges as a snowy paradise. The frosty Hokkaido weather creates a scenic backdrop for the finest powdered snow that blankets the land, offering an excellent playground for ski enthusiasts. But it’s not just the snow-laden slopes that beckon; the cold waters around Hokkaido’s shores become a bounty for seafood connoisseurs. From the harbors of Hakodate to the markets of Sapporo, plates brim with the ocean’s freshest catches. Hokkaido food, with its rich and diverse flavors, remains omnipresent at hearths and restaurants alike. The season also hosts one-of-a-kind cultural events, such as the exhilarating Banei Horse Racing—a true testament to Hokkaido’s unique winter offerings.

Banei Horse Racing in Hokkaido Winter

Colors of Hokkaido: Floral Beauty in the Summer

Fast forward to the warmer months, and Hokkaido transforms yet again. Summer in Hokkaido unfolds with a riot of colors that paint the landscape with an artist’s palette. The renowned Farm Tomita in Furano stands out with its iconic lavender fields, specifically the vibrant Irodori Field. Visitors from around the globe flock to witness this floral mosaic, with each breath of the fragrant air saturating one’s senses with the essence of Hokkaido culture. Summer days here are longer, allowing ample time to savor the natural splendor and the varied culinary delights that accompany Hokkaido’s sunny season.

Whether you’re entranced by the crystalline purity of a Hokkaido winter or captivated by the kaleidoscope of summer hues, the region’s seasonal splendor is a magnet for those who cherish nature’s dynamic display and cultural riches.

A Cultural Mosaic: Discovering Hokkaido’s History and Heritage

The island of Hokkaido, a living museum of Japan’s rich traditions, invites history enthusiasts and culture vultures to step into a bygone era where each corner tells a story. A journey through Hokkaido is akin to leafing through the pages of a visual history book, where snippets of Hokkaido’s history are reflected through Japanese architecture, local customs, and preserved practices. Encapsulating the essence of the past, sites like Otaru Kihinkan stand as proud symbols of Hokkaido heritage, a wealthy fishing family’s labor of love crafted over six and a half years.

Each township in Hokkaido narrates its narrative through restored edifices and cultural landmarks. A blend of indigenous Ainu influence and Japanese aesthetic creates a cultural tapestry unique to this northern region. The enigmatic charm of Hokkaido’s hidden gems such as heritage sites, traditional ceremonies, and artistic endeavors contribute to its cultural mosaic, forging an indelible impact on visiting globetrotters.

The architectural treasure of Otaru Kihinkan, with its intricate craftsmanship and hand-painted artistry, is not just a reflection of luxury but also a showcase of Hokkaido’s dedication to cultural preservation and its influence on present-day Hokkaido culture.

Below is an overview of significant cultural sites in Hokkaido that exemplify the island’s commitment to preserving its history and culture, each location a custodian of stories waiting to be rediscovered:

Historic Site Description Key Architectural Features
Otaru Kihinkan (Old Aoyama Villa) A former opulent residence that now stands as a monument to early 20th-century luxury. Traditional Japanese craftsmanship, detailed lacquer work, and extensive use of different woods.
Hokkaido Jingu Shrine Shinto shrine was established in the Meiji period, dedicated to the deities who played vital roles in Hokkaido’s development. Imposing torii gates, serene shrine grounds, and classic Sukiya-zukuri architecture.
Historical Village of Hokkaido (Kaitaku-no Mura) An open-air museum featuring restored buildings from the frontier era, showcasing the transition of Hokkaido through time. Diverse structures reflect different architectural styles, from western influences to traditional farmhouses.

Through the diligent conservation of these historical venues, visitors are granted an immersive look into the elaborate timeline of the island’s human ingenuity and natural scenery. Hokkaido’s dedication to maintaining and celebrating its past is an integral facet of the cultural immersion that awaits every traveler.

Hokkaido's Cultural Heritage


As one navigates through urban centers and quaint villages, the charm of Hokkaido culture is an omnipresent companion, echoing through the designs of yesteryear and the heartfelt warmth of locals sharing their lore. It forms an integral aspect of not just tourism but also in enriching the understanding of visitors, leaving them with indelible memories and appreciation for Japan’s northernmost marvel.

The Gastronomic Delights of Hokkaido

Hokkaido, a region synonymous with culinary excellence, celebrates an array of gastronomic delights that tantalize every palate. From stellar Hokkaido seafood to renowned confections, each dish and treat encapsulates the richness of the local cuisine.

Savoring Hokkaido’s Famous Seafood

Hokkaido’s pristine, cold waters yield a seafood bounty that’s simply unparalleled. Renowned for its freshness and flavor, Hokkaido seafood encompasses a variety of oceanic harvests that form the cornerstone of the region’s cuisine. Diners indulge in succulent crab, tender scallops, and the freshest sashimi that reflects the island’s deep connection with the sea.

  • King crab – A prized delicacy enjoyed for its sweet and succulent meat.
  • Hairy crab – Known for its rich, creamy texture and distinct flavor.
  • Sea urchin – Served fresh, Hokkaido’s sea urchin is coveted for its rich, buttery taste.
  • Scallops – Harvested from the cool depths, these shellfish are sweet and tender to the bite.

Sweet Treats at Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden

Confectionery fans will find a sweet haven at Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden, where Hokkaido’s confectionery skills shine. The factory offers an immersive experience, allowing visitors to witness the meticulous process that goes into each Hokkaido sweet sophistication. Perhaps the star of the show is ‘Sanpouroku’, a Baumkuchen lovingly coated in rich chocolate, a perfect representation of Hokkaido delicacies.

  • Baumkuchen ‘Sanpouroku’ – A treat that combines tradition and taste in a log-shaped cake.
  • Soft-serve ice cream – An indulgent, creamy delight made from Hokkaido’s fresh dairy.
  • Assorted confections – A palette of sweets that embodies the full spectrum of Hokkaido’s sweet craftsmanship.

These experiences offer a mere glimpse into the island’s expansive culinary landscape, where each morsel tells the story of Hokkaido’s rich gastronomy.

For those seeking a taste of the island’s local sweets, an itinerary is incomplete without Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden – a pilgrimage for any dessert enthusiast.

Delicacy Description Originating Area
King Crab Succulent legs boasting sweet, rich meat Okhotsk Sea near Abashiri
Sea Urchin Rich, creamy delicacy with a distinct, luxurious flavor Coastal areas of Hokkaido
Sanpouroku Baumkuchen Chocolate-coated, log-shaped cake with layers of sweetness Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden

For epicureans and sweet tooths alike, these specialties symbolize the exquisite treats defining Hokkaido cuisine and serve as a must-try checklist for every gourmet explorer.

Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden Delights


As visitors explore the culinary tapestry of Hokkaido, they embark on a journey far beyond the palate, immersing themselves in the essence of the region’s storied tradition and innovation in food.

Unparalleled Outdoor Adventures in Hokkaido’s Wilderness

For those with a spirit for Hokkaido adventure, the island’s vast and untamed wilderness offers an irresistible invitation to explore. The allure of hiking in Hokkaido attracts adventurers keen to traverse the extensive Hokkaido Nature Trail, while others find their thrill engaging in exhilarating outdoor activities in Hokkaido. The pristine landscape of the region, speckled with lakes, mountains, and ski slopes, provides year-round excitement for both adrenaline junkies and serenity seekers alike.

Hokkaido Wilderness Adventure


Every curve of the trail, every rise in the path delivers not just a new vista but a new adventure—adding to the ever-growing cache of experiences that define the Hokkaido outdoor journey. For those looking to delve deeper into this environmental paradise, here’s a closer look at the activities that await:

  • Take on the Hokkaido Nature Trail, an expansive trek that unfolds over 2,849 miles of breathtaking beauty, weaving through a landscape that shifts from verdant summer greens to the austere whites of winter.
  • Experience the rush of winter sports at premier resorts like Tokachi Sahoro Resort, where a variety of slopes welcome skiers and snowboarders of all proficiency levels, surrounded by the stark splendor of snow-covered peaks.
  • Discover the tranquility that comes with the territory as you kayak on glass-like lakes, reflecting the grandeur of the mountains and sky, or bike through forests that offer glimpses of Hokkaido’s diverse wildlife.

The diversity of the island’s landscape makes outdoor activities in Hokkaido a year-round lure for visitors. The distinct seasons present unique ways to explore the region’s natural assets, each providing a different perspective and experience of this stunning wilderness.

Whether it’s the solitude of a solo hike to commune with nature or the collective excitement of a group challenge, Hokkaido’s wilderness stands as a testament to the sheer joy of outdoor pursuits. This breathtaking island is more than a destination; it’s an experience that starts underfoot on the trail and ascends to the boundless skies—a true adventure in every sense of the word.

Natural Hot Springs: Relaxing the Hokkaido Way

There’s nothing quite like the serenity of soaking in a Hokkaido onsen, a quintessential experience that captures the essence of relaxation in Japan’s wintry north. The island’s volcanic activity gifts its inhabitants and visitors alike with a wealth of rejuvenating hot springs, perfect for soothing both body and spirit.

A visit to the storied Noboribetsu Onsen town showcases Hokkaido’s geothermal wealth, nestled within the dramatic landscapes of Hell Valley. Here, surrounded by the valley’s boiling lakes and steaming streams, a dip in the therapeutic waters offers a multi-sensory experience—one where the sights, sounds, and smells of the earth’s depths envelop you as you bathe.

Hokkaido Hot Springs Ambiance


For a distinctive blend of comfort and tradition, the Roadside Station Garden Spa Tokachigawa stands ready to welcome weary travelers looking to indulge in the famed “Moor” hot springs. These unique waters, enriched with organic plant matter, are renowned for their skin-healing properties, making the spa a sanctuary for those in pursuit of health and relaxation.

Begin a journey through Hokkaido’s various onsen spots, from rustic public baths found in remote locales to luxurious private resorts where each soak is a personal escape. Embark on this unwinding voyage by exploring the list below:

  • Yunokawa Onsen: A seaside hot spring district offering breathtaking views of the Tsugaru Strait.
  • Jozankei Onsen: A scenic haven surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Shikotsu-Toya National Park.
  • Asarigawa Onsen: Perfect for a post-ski dip, located close to the ski slopes of Otaru.
  • Touyako Onsen: Situated by the calm waters of Lake Toya, perfect for a rejuvenating soak with a view.

The healing waters of Hokkaido’s onsen are more than just a welcome break from the hustle of everyday life—they are considered a doorway to the culture of leisure, wellness, and hospitality that defines this northern prefecture.

In a land where Nature’s prowess is as clear as the plumes of steam rising into the cold air, the hot springs of Hokkaido aren’t just a tourist attraction, they are the epitome of Japan’s blend of tradition, comfort, and the wild, untameable spirit of the earth. So, while journeying across this island’s vast expanses, make sure to step into the soothing embrace of a Hokkaido hot spring—it’s an experience that stays with you, long after the warmth has left your skin.

Quintessential Hokkaido: Must-Visit Local Farms and Markets

Delving into the heartland of Hokkaido agriculture offers more than a simple tour; it’s an immersive encounter with the island’s commitment to sustainability and premium produce. Visitors eager to connect with the natural and agricultural richness of this region will find Tokachi’s farms emblematic of Hokkaido’s dedication to the land.

Agrotourism in Tokachi: Connecting with the Land

In Tokachi, where vast fields meld with the horizon, agriculture takes on deeper significance through the lens of agrotourism. Programs focusing on educating and sharing practices of sustainable farming in Hokkaido leads to a rich understanding of how these lands yield such bountiful harvests. Here, both farmers and visitors engage in a holistic approach, emphasizing the connection between the nurturing of crops and the health of the environment.

The beauty of Hokkaido’s agrotourism is found not only in its scenic vistas but also in the hands-on knowledge visitors gain. It is an enriching experience that strengthens the bond between humans and nature, and underscores the importance of maintaining a sustainable, symbiotic relationship with our planet.

Farm-to-Table Experiences: Hokkaido’s Culinary Roots

Connecting the dots from field to fork represents the embodiment of the farm-to-table movement in Hokkaido. As part of this journey, travelers may visit local farms, experiencing the excitement of potato harvesting or the tranquility of greenhouses blooming with fresh vegetables—each a key ingredient in Hokkaido’s celebrated local cuisine.

After harvesting, the culinary adventure continues with the opportunity to taste this freshly-picked produce. Dining experiences in Hokkaido reflect the pride and care taken in growing these ingredients, with farm-to-table menus designed to showcase the finest flavors of the region.

Hokkaido Agrotourism Experience


  • Engaging in hands-on activities on Hokkaido local farms to understand the cultivation processes.
  • Sampling the agricultural bounty through farm-to-table dining establishments that highlight the region’s culinary heritage.
  • Supporting the local economy and contributing to ecological sustainability through mindful tourism.

In this way, visiting there isn’t just about sightseeing—it’s about partaking in a storied tradition of agronomy and gastronomy that makes Hokkaido a top destination for those who cherish authenticity and flavor in their travels.

Hokkaido’s Artistic Landscape: Galleries and Museums

The northern region of Japan, Hokkaido, is not only celebrated for its scenic beauty but also for its vibrant artistic scene. Delving into Hokkaido’s culture through its art unveils a world where tradition meets modernity. For visitors dedicated to discovering Hokkaido art, the island’s assortment of Hokkaido galleries and Hokkaido museums provide an enriching exploration of the unique Japanese art in Hokkaido.

In the heart of Hokkaido’s art circuit is the prestigious Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples. Here, visitors can submerge themselves into the introspective world of indigenous Ainu art and artifacts, gaining a profound appreciation for the island’s ancestral roots. The museum presents a compelling narrative of the locals’ intimate connection with nature through a wide array of exhibits, beautifully aligned with the Hokkaido cultural attractions.

Alongside historical artifacts, the contemporary art scene thrives through various exhibitions that showcase the dynamic and evolving expression of local and international artists. These curated pieces paint Hokkaido as an artistic hub that offers a substantial and diverse selection of paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works, contributing to the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

Hokkaido Artistic Exhibitions


Below is a list of distinguished galleries and museums across Hokkaido, each celebrating artistic achievements and providing a gateway to the island’s eclectic art scene:

Gallery/Museum Focus/Area Notable Exhibits
Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art Modern and contemporary art Japanese and international artworks, including glassware and sculptures
Miyamoto Saburo Memorial Museum Works of Saburo Miyamoto Thematic exhibitions of paintings by the renowned Japanese artist
Hokkaido Obihiro Museum of Art Local art and culture Exhibits centering on nature and animals, featuring artists from Tokachi
Sapporo Art Park Outdoor sculpture garden An open-air display of artistic pieces integrated with natural surroundings

Visitors are invited to journey beyond the gallery walls into the locales that inspired such creations, further enriching their experience of Hokkaido cultural attractions. The interweaving of visual narratives across these sites cements Hokkaido’s position as a bastion of culture and artistry.

The commitment to preserving and showcasing Hokkaido’s artistic heritage and contemporary movements solidifies the region as a must-visit destination for art lovers and cultural aficionados. It’s here, within the galleries and museums of Hokkaido, that the heart of Japanese art continues to beat vibrantly and unceasingly.

Hokkaido’s Festive Charm and Historic Allure

The allure of Hokkaido is beautifully expressed through the vibrant traditions and living history of its renowned cities, Otaru and Sapporo. These locations boast a heritage richly infused with the spirit of community and festivity, offering a captivating contrast between historic preservation and modern celebrations.

Otaru’s Vintage Vignettes: A Step Back in Time

Rooted deeply in Otaru history, the city’s timeless canals and storied warehouses narrate tales of yesteryear. As a bustling trade port in the past, Otaru retains its bygone charm, meticulously preserved through its architecture and cobblestone streets, embodying the very essence of Otaru attractions. These historical landmarks serve as an invaluable glimpse into northern Japan’s coastal life, making Otaru a must-visit for any history enthusiast.

Sapporo’s Snowy Spectacle: A Festival Like No Other

Welcoming winters with the world-famous Sapporo Snow Festival, Sapporo becomes a center stage for spectacular snow and ice sculptures, transforming this metropolis into a winter wonderland. Creative talents from around the globe converge here, sculpting frigid fantasies that delight and inspire. The festival not only highlights the city’s artistic prowess but also cements Sapporo attractions as essential experiences for visitors during Hokkaido’s chilliest but most enchanting season.

This convergence of artistic expression, historical ambiance, and festive joy exemplifies the unique spirit of Hokkaido festivals, illustrating the region’s dual capacity for celebration and preservation.

Sapporo Snow Festival Vibrance

Japan’s Northern Paradise: Hokkaido’s Hidden Coastal Gems

The charm of Hokkaido’s coastal allure extends far beyond its snow-covered mountains and verdant meadows, drawing visitors towards its breathtaking shorelines. Among these, the Shakotan Peninsula and Shimamu Beach stand out as serene sanctuaries, offering views that create a deeply personal dialogue with the Sea of Japan. Secluded, untouched, and resplendent in their natural beauty, these coastal retreats are the epitome of Hokkaido’s hidden gems.

Whether you’re a solitude seeker or an ardent admirer of nature’s artwork, the coastal areas of Hokkaido provide a peaceful respite from the world’s bustle. The picturesque landscapes, characterized by their unique geological formations, set the scene for moments of tranquility and introspection. Here’s a closer look at these captivating destinations:

  1. Shakotan Peninsula: Known for its indigo-blue waters and rugged cliffs, the Peninsula is a natural wonder that captivates hikers and photographers alike. Dive into marine activities or simply embrace the panoramic ocean view.
  2. Shimamu Beach: This secluded beach, hidden away by a rock tunnel, is renowned for its crystalline waters and the pebbled shore that sings beneath your feet. It’s an ideal spot for a reflective stroll or a picnic with a view.

While Hokkaido may be world-renowned for its winter sports and Sapporo’s urban pace, the region’s coastal fringes offer a serene counterpoint. Here, the whisper of the waves against the Hokkaido beaches and the sprawling vistas over the Sea of Japan seem to slow time itself, offering a reprieve woven with the threads of natural splendor.

Coastal Gem Activities Unique Features
Shakotan Peninsula Snorkeling, Hiking, Scenic Drives Crystal-clear Blue Waters, Dramatic Coastal Cliffs
Shimamu Beach Picnics, Relaxation, Photography Secluded Pebble Beach, Stunning Sunset Views

Exploring the coastal reaches of Hokkaido, away from the popular tourist tracks, leads to experiences that resonate with those who seek the profound beauty of undisturbed nature. The coastal scenery of Japan’s northernmost island merges the raw power of the waves with the gentle beauty of secluded shores, creating an unforgettable chapter in any traveler’s tale.

Shimamu Beach, a Hidden Gem of Hokkaido's Coastline


So, when planning a trip to Hokkaido, remember to venture to its edge, where the land meets the sea. It is here, among the Hokkaido coastal attractions, that one may find a serene escape—a retreat into Hokkaido’s peaceful embrace by the Sea of Japan.

Conclusion: The Quintessence of Hokkaido

Hokkaido’s allure lies in its ability to offer an eclectic mix of natural beauty, heritage, and modern-day festivities, making it an unparalleled destination for travelers. Those who travel to Hokkaido are greeted with a canvas painted with the vivid colors of its expansive landscapes—from the snowy havens of its peaks to the lively tints of its flower fields. The rich heritage of this beautiful region is evident in its historical architecture and the cherished traditions of local festivals, highlighting the unique Hokkaido experiences available to every visitor.

Whether indulging in the culinary excitements of fresh seafood and delectable sweets or embracing the thrill of outdoor adventures, Hokkaido tourism delivers an extraordinary assortment of attractions. As the heartland of Japan’s outdoor treasures and cultural depth, Hokkaido invites you to discover its hidden gems, each telling its own story. With every visit, travelers are endowed with memories and stories that resonate with the soul of this northern paradise.

In conclusion, the beautiful Hokkaido is a haven for those who seek an authentic representation of Japan in all its glory. Through seasons that transform its terrains and a cultural vibrancy that echoes through its towns and cities, Hokkaido attractions stand as enduring emblems of Japan’s inherent wonder. So pack your bags and set forth on a journey to Hokkaido, where every pathway leads to new discoveries and every moment becomes a cherished memory in the making. Embark on the journey to beautiful Hokkaido – a true gem in Japan’s tourism crown.


What are the top attractions to visit in Hokkaido?

Top attractions include Sapporo’s Snow Festival, Otaru’s historic canals, the rustic beauty of Shakotan Peninsula, vibrant flower fields at Farm Tomita in Furano, and Noboribetsu’s Hell Valley hot springs.

When is the best time to visit Hokkaido for the winter experience?

The best time is from December to February when you can enjoy winter sports and the snow-covered landscape, with the Sapporo Snow Festival taking place in February.

Can visitors enjoy Hokkaido’s attractions in the summer?

Absolutely! Summer in Hokkaido is great for exploring flower fields like Furano’s Lavender Fields, taking part in outdoor activities, and enjoying the cooler weather compared to the rest of Japan.

What kind of cultural experiences does Hokkaido offer?

Hokkaido’s cultural experiences range from visiting historical sites like Otaru Kihinkan, to learning about the Ainu culture at the Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples.

Where can I try the best seafood in Hokkaido?

Coastal cities like Otaru and Hakodate offer some of the freshest seafood, with local markets and restaurants serving up regional specialties.

Are there any unique sweets or desserts to try in Hokkaido?

Yes, the Ryugetsu Sweetpia Garden is famous for treats like sanpouroku and soft-serve ice cream, and you can’t miss the chocolate-covered baumkuchen, one of Hokkaido’s most beloved confections.

What outdoor activities can be done in Hokkaido?

Outdoor activities abound, from hiking and exploring the Hokkaido Nature Trail to engaging in winter sports at various resorts, and even marine activities along its coasts.

What are some recommended hot springs in Hokkaido?

For a quintessential onsen experience, visitors should consider the volcanic hot springs of Noboribetsu Onsen and the unique moor hot springs at Roadside Station Garden Spa Tokachigawa.

How can I experience Hokkaido’s agrotourism and sustainability efforts?

You can visit local farms in regions like Tokachi to participate in activities like potato harvesting and learn about sustainable practices like composting.

What can art enthusiasts find in Hokkaido?

Art enthusiasts can visit an array of galleries and museums, including the modern art exhibits at Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art and local artisan crafts found throughout the island.

What makes Otaru and Sapporo stand out as historic and festive cities?

Otaru charms with its beautifully preserved canals and historic buildings, while Sapporo dazzles with events like the Sapporo Snow Festival and its modern cityscape.

How can I explore the coastal landscapes of Hokkaido?

Coastal gems like the Shakotan Peninsula and Shimamu Beach offer scenic drives, hiking trails, and spots for snorkeling and diving in the Sea of Japan.

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